Back in NYC


We recently made another trip back to New York City- this time we decided on late November. We were both able to gather some time off in the same calendar week (Crazy!) We booked a hotel in the heart of the financial district- a spot we only recently started frequenting. We’re usually partial to Soho and the West Village when we go. Being near Wall Street was so great. I love the cobblestone streets and historical buildings.


We were so fortunate with timing during this trip- the weather was mostly pleasant! For the rest – there was Uber! We love Uber pool- saves us every time. Our trip was short due to the upcoming holiday so we made sure to hit every spot on our list and then some.


Joe & the Juice is HIGHLY recommend-if you’re in the Soho area…. there’s a photo booth in the back! Check it out! 

All of the goods are on Point at by Chloe! This location was near Chelsea by FIT. Yum! 

We also hit up a couple of thrift stores and used bookstores . Our favorite! 

During one of our last days we went back to Chelsea Market…. seriously one of my top favorites when visiting. There was an awesome pop up shop- with tons of local vendors selling perfect pieces for the holiday. These frames were my favorite. 

Every time we visit- it’s always too short! Until next time New York ❤️️

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